School and extracurricular activities provide fun and engaging ways for Franklin students to be involved in their school and with their classmates. Take a look at the activities offered. You might find the perfect fit for your child. And don’t forget to check back for updates!


Athletics are a fun way for students to learn sportsmanship and a healthy option for our students. These activities are available for our fourth- and fifth-graders.

Sports offered are:

  • Fall—volleyball
  • Winter—basketball
  • Spring—track

Safety Patrol

Franklin fourth- and fifth-grade students have an opportunity to show their responsibility and leadership as members of the school safety patrol. Working with adults, the safety patrol helps students and parents safely cross nearby streets before and after school. Interested students may pick up an application in the Franklin office.

Homework Club

The Homework Club is a free homework-help program offered to all students at Franklin Elementary School. Visit the Franklin office to pick up a registration form.


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